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LPC Notes and LPC Tutoring

Interview Advising LPC notes


Interview & Advising

These notes build on key concepts of company law which you will learn to apply in a client-focused context.

Advocacy LPC Notes



These notes will teach you how to make effective and well-structured opening and closing submissions in court.


Business Law & Practice

These BLP notes build the on key concepts of company law which you will learn to apply in a client-focused context.

Civil Litigation LPC Notes


Civil Litigation

These notes take you through the relevant legal and procedural principles of litigation in relation to civil claims.


Criminal Law

These notes take you through the procedures surrounding criminal matters, including police powers.


Solicitor’s Accounts

These notes cover how to make entries into accounts following the rules solicitors are expected to follow.



Practical Legal Research & Writing

These notes cover how to carry out effective legal research in practice and how to prepare a letter of advice.


Wills & Administration of Estates

These notes focus on what happens to a person's property on their death and the rules surrounding wills.

Professional Conduct Regulation LPC Notes


Professional Conduct & Regulation

These notes consist of the most important professional conduct rules solicitors must comply with in practice.


Property Law & Practice

These PLP notes focus on advising clients in relation to the buying, selling, mortgaging and letting of properties.

Core modules and skills LPC notes

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LPC Bundle Pack incl. Core Modules and Skills

The core modules bundle includes full access to the BLP, PLP, Criminal & Civil Litigation topics along with the skills.

Training Contract CV Interview Preparation

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Training Contract CV & Interview Preparation

This legal career aid will guide you towards making training contract applications and preparing for interviews.

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