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Property Law and Practice LPC Notes

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If you’re preparing for the Legal Practice Course (LPC) exams, our Property Law and Practice (or “PLP”) LPC Notes and On-Demand Video Tutorials is an indispensable study aid.

The on-demand video tutorials and revision notes provides a comprehensive overview of the key topics in property law that are relevant for the LPC exams, including the transfer of land, leasehold estates, and conveyancing. Order today and experience the difference!

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Module description

In these PLP LPC Notes and On-Demand Video Tutorials, you will learn how to apply property law in a client-focused context. During the topical learning chapters, you will be advising clients in relation to practical scenarios such as the buying, selling, mortgaging and letting of freehold and leasehold properties.

Our PLP LPC Notes and On-Demand Video Tutorials are designed to help you consolidate your understanding of the subject matter and provide you with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in your LPC exams. They are regularly updated to reflect changes in the law and the latest legal developments, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date information.

With our PLP LPC Notes and On-Demand Video Tutorials, you can revise quickly and efficiently, with a logical and structured format that makes it easy to review the material you need. 

Topics include

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Why Our Students Love the PLP LPC Notes and On-Demand Video Tutorials

"As someone with dyslexia, I found the Brigitte's PLP notes to be an absolute lifesaver. The layout and use of different colours, made it much easier for me to focus on the most important information and retain it."
Michael B
LPC Student BPP
"The concise explanations were clear and easy to understand, even for someone with limited English proficiency. Thank you for creating such a useful resource for non-native English speakers like me!"

Wei L
LPC Student BPP
"I really appreciated the attention to detail and accuracy of the information presented in the PLP module. Overall, a great resource for anyone studying the LPC"

Emma S

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about Brigitte’s LPC all in one PLP LPC Revision Notes and On-demand Video Tutorials.

Who are these LPC Notes and On-demand Video Tutorials for?

These PLP LPC Revision Notes and On-demand Video Tutorials are designed for LPC students who already have a general understanding of PLP. Brigitte’s LPC will cover the fundamental building blocks of PLP in a new light, designed to take your revision to the next level.

Do you offer any discounts?

Brigitte's LPC is dedicated to providing the highest quality notes, on-demand video tutorials and law tutoring. We invest heavily in the development and delivery of our educational services, and believe that our prices accurately reflect the value of what we offer. As such, we do not offer discounts as we believe that every student deserves access to the best possible education at a fair price.

What can i expect?

An easy to follow step-by-step learning and revision aid to help you confidently approach your upcoming PLP assessment.

What type of support do you provide?

You can reach out to our support team via email for any questions or concerns you have about the PLP material. Our team will respond promptly and provide the relevant help and clarification you need. N.B. this service does not comprise tuition lessons, which you may purchase separately or in addition to.

Are there any technological requirements?

Internet connection and a up-to-date web browser.

How long will i have access ?

6 months from the date of purchase.

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