Should I get a private tutor for the LPC?

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Tutors can be really fantastic if you are struggling with the LPC overall or certain modules. They can range from experience depending on the person. You will have a tutor at your university but with a tutor that you seek services from outside university, it is sometimes better to get a different perspective on the matter such as through a tutor who has recently completed the LPC and received excellent grades. This shows they are qualified in their understanding but also that they were in the same position as you within the last few years so can aid you in a way that a university tutor might not be able to.

Here are some considerations when deciding if getting a tutor is right for you:

A law tutor is not an alternative to revision

You might be seeking a tutor as a last minute resort because perhaps you haven’t done as much work as you should have throughout the term, or maybe you just don’t understand it regardless of how many hours you have put in. But understand that a tutor cannot do the work for you. You need to do the reading set, the questions and activities that you decide on with your tutor and try to grasp as much as you can yourself before the session otherwise you won’t gain as much from the session as you won’t understand the discussion or be able to ask questions because you won’t truly understand what you need most help on. Ensure you do the work to really get the most out of your time with the tutor as this is an extra chance for you to speak informally outside of university who can help you in achieving success on the LPC.

The cost of LPC private tuition

Tutors cost money. This is something you need to keep in mind. Whilst it is a cliché to say consider this as an investment, it really is. We spend a lot of money in various parts of our
life that are unnecessary and the LPC is already quite an expense so sometimes it might be worth it to spend that little bit extra on a tutor (depending on your financial circumstances) to get the best grade you can and help your learning than already have spent a lot of money
on tuition fees and maintenance but not understand certain elements which will limit your
overall grade in the exam.

Think about how much private tuition will cost you and whether it will make a real
difference to you. Sometimes it can be a lifeline for some whilst other students didn’t
actually need a tutor as they just weren’t willing to do the work beforehand. Consider which side you fall into and whether this be beneficial for you in the long-term.

Have an introduction call

Try to have a quick chat with the tutor before committing. Most tutors should be willing to do this because a lot of it will be based on how you interact with one another and if your learning style is suited to their teaching method.

Ask the tutor questions about their experience, if they have completed the LPC, what grade
did they get and ask how they will be able to help you reach your goals. Have a good discussion and make sure you feel comfortable with the tutor you are placing trust in.

As mentioned, tutors can really be a lifeline in a make-or-break situation for students. They can help you understand, digest and breakdown hard modules in the LPC so you feel equipped for the exam. But what they can’t do is the work for you. Think about your personal circumstances and if you do feel you will benefit from private tuition, do the work to see the benefit!

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By Samar Alam

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